Cheat Engine is a không tính tiền application that helps you to gian lận your favorite offline games. You can change the resource amounts in your game and also use many tricks that will help you khổng lồ complete the game quickly

Cheat Engine Settings


Speeding Up or Down

This program has an option named “Speed Hack” by which the user can be able to increase or decrease the tốc độ of a game. Not only just games, but also it is able khổng lồ handle software with ‘clock ticking’. It is able to lớn make the software slow or quick.

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Increasing trò chơi Resources

With the help of this software, users could easily increase their points in a game và also they could be able to lớn gain more coins.

Get Extra life

If the users are playing a battle game then they must have limited life. With a cheat engine, they could have unlimited lives và then completing the trò chơi would become easy for them.

Make trò chơi Easier or Harder

If users have this program then they can edit the trò chơi according khổng lồ their wish khổng lồ play it. They can make it easier, or they can also make it harder.

Create game Script

This program helps the users to mod a game, so the users can change the storyline according lớn their own taste.


Lightweight.It has script support.With this, users can easily finish a level.Integrate cheat codes.It can even fix crashes.Easy to use.It is không tính phí to download.

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There are some games that cannot be hacked or tricked with the help of this program.It may make the PC slow.

Faq about Cheat Engine

You can find Cheat Engine on this page. Just click on the download button & your download will start immediately.

No, the cheat engine doesn’t work with online games. It only works with single-player offline games. But in some cases, the feature of speedhack may work with some online games.

You can only use this tool for your offline single-player games. It will not work with online or multiplayer games.

First, you need lớn select the game you want lớn hack. Then it will scan all the variables or parameters using this & show up on its interface & will allow you lớn change their value.