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The moment that Rot started making naughty jokes about vegetables in the middle of the market, we knew this tour was special. Mr Rot’s Secret Tour is a refreshing alternative to conventional domain authority Lat Easy Rider tours. & though we left the market in stitches, it’s not all fun và games. The Secret Tour is a window into Vietnamese và K’Ho minority culture.

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Who knew markets could be so fun? Photo: Cindy fan

Rot grew up in a K’Ho minority village, one of 14 children in a family of poor coffee famers. When he was eleven, a family in the thành phố sponsored him and he became the only one of his siblings lớn attend school, a fact that he always carries with him. A walk through his trang chủ village’s muddy streets was a reminder to us all of how much of Vietnam’s 95 million people have simple, hard lives, living off the land.

Rot is energetic, engaging—and mischievous. It certainly helps that he speaks K’Ho & we found ourselves invited into a woman’s home, a one room wooden hut with dirt floors. A hullabaloo ensued as more và more women dropped in to find out what was going on và to add to the chorus of opinion on every question we asked.

Crickets are high in protein & minerals—they can help chronic malnutrition. Photo: Cindy tín đồ

The K’Ho are decidedly different than the majority khiếp (who 3d 87% of the country’s population), và Rot explained the nuances of the matriarchal society where women must buy their husband, paid with precious family heirlooms. By the over of the visit, we had sold one of the strapping young German lads off lớn a grandmother for a 200-year-old bowl.

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The full day US$35 tour will have you zipping on motorbike through da Lat’s gorgeous countryside southwest of the city. There are stops at a few tourist sights such as a silk farm and the Elephant Waterfalls. The tour includes lunch và transport, either riding your own or on the back of average rental semi- or automatic ... members only (Full text is around 200 words.)
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Reviewed by Cindy Fan

Cindy fan hâm mộ is a Canadian writer/photographer và author of So Many Miles, a trang web that chronicles the love of adventure, food và culture. After falling in love with sticky rice and Mekong sunsets, in 2011 she uprooted her life in Toronto khổng lồ live la vida Laos. She’s travelled lớn over 40 countries and harbours a deep affection for Africa and Southeast Asia. In between jaunts around the world, she calls Laos và Vietnam trang chủ where you’ll find her traipsing through rice paddies, standing beside broken-down buses và in villages laughing with the locals.