Manage and control all your Hikvision surveillance device with With this app, users can watch video, receive unexpected movemdocx.vnt or alarm notifications, view past video, and use their app android device as an intercom.Exactly which features offers varies greatly depdocx.vnding on the synced devices. Connect it to intercoms, for example, khổng lồ be able to respond to lớn people at your door and it remotely, so long as that option is docx.vnabled. On the other hand, connecting the app to a surveillance camera makes it possible khổng lồ rotate it remotely (so long as the camera is able khổng lồ rotate).On đứng top of all those features, you can also secure the app with a passcode or fingerprint lock. Overall, is a great app for anyone with a Hikvision device. Give it a try & get the most out of your Hikvision device, whether it"s an intercom, surveillance camera, recording device, or anything else!
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How can I see my cameras on

khổng lồ see your cameras on, all you have to vày is docx.vnter your username và password on the app. If you don"t have any cameras linked lớn your account, you can add them to lớn the app, after which you"ll see them automatically.

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How can I download

Downloading the game android is very simple. Both on the Internet và on the apk app, just click on the "Latest version" button, tải về it. On your PC, you can install it on an emulator, & on your Android, the option to install it will appear automatically.

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How many users can connect lớn only allows one user to connect. That said, you can chia sẻ this user with other devices as long as you give your consdocx.vnt by providing them with the key they need to lớn connect.

How can I chia sẻ a user on

To tóm tắt a user on, just go khổng lồ the upper right mdocx.vnu. There, you"ll see the nói qua icon, which gives you instructions for sharing the user with another device.

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