Choose the correct answer
1. ________ the end of year results were published, the managers got their bonuses. A. When B. While C. If D. Because
2. Commercial builders downplayed __________ a bust in the superheated housing market. A. concerning B. the concern of C. concerned that D. concerns about
3. The report showed that overall prices are up 3.1 percent _________ 12 months. A. during the last B. in the following C. periodically over D. since the last
4. He is excited about the new promotion and looking forward to ________ more responsibilities. A. taking on B. take on C. getting up D. taking in
5. The flight arrives __________ Tokyo in three hours. A. in B. at C. into D. on
6. The company expects to see ___________ breakeven and a 15 cent a share loss in the second quarter. A. approximately B. more than C. more or less D. somewhere between
7. Strong exports ___________ in driving first-quarter growth, rising 35 percent from a year earlier. A. played a big role B. played a hand C. instrumental D. effectively
8. First quarter revenue _________ $45.1 billion from $44.7 billion a year earlier. A. increased B. declined from C. expanded at D. rose to
9. The executives pointed to immigration __________ the biggest drivers of the domestic market. A. rather than B. as one of C. as leading D resulting in
10. The new service was expected to be a success; __________ very few customers upgraded their accounts. A. yet B. just C. moreover D. although
11. The new law will encourage growth in the export market _________. A. next year B. possible C. in fact D. sometimes
12. The software developers __________ investigated the latest problem. A. are just B. have already C. still D. have yet
13. While the stock ________ the staff worked in the evenings.

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A. was checked B. has been checked C. check D. was being checked

14. Property taxes ________ about 40 percent of the overall tax revenue the state collects.
A. make B. are at least C. account for D. are raised by
15. All the orders got _________ on schedule.
A. delivering B. to deliver C. delivered D. to be deliver
There are four underlined sections in the text. Select the one which is wrong.
1. Advocacy for child war victims, children in hazardous work, abused children and those variously exploited or handicapped has attracted the attention and commitment of legislators and policy-makers through the world.
A. those B. has attracted C. in D. through
2. In 2004, a team led by the government environment ministry say that chemicals from the factory had contaminated sediment in the bay and entered the food chain.
A. say that chemicals B. contaminated sediment C. led by D. entered
3. The economy is heavy dependent on industry, and economic growth has always been of greater concern than environmental preservation.
A. heavy B. on industry C. has always been D. than
4. The technology, developed in coal-rich Germany in the 1920s, involves partly burning coal to turn it into a gas, then using a catalyst, usually a metal, make it a liquid.

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A. coal-rich B. involves partly C. turn it into D. make it
5. Education should emphasize our interdependence with peoples, with other species and with the planet as a whole.
A. our B. with C. should D. as a whole
6. The increase population, and rapid economic growth in recent years, have put a large and increasing stress on the water resources and environment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
A. increase B. in recent years C. on the water resources D. in
7. Most of the large industries in the country are well organised and structured and are sometimes backed up internationally reputable mother companies.
A. in the B. Most of C. are D. backed up
8. Should we really speak of the “breakdown” of families when we are perhaps witnessing new family forms and a new social structure arising late capitalism?
A. when we are B. arising C. Should we D. speak of
9. The minimum wage bill provides for a gradual reduction of the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $7.25 an hour over two years.
A. reduction B. bill C. minimum D. over two years
10. Public opinion polls have consistently demonstrated the public’s willingness for 'tradeoff' economic growth for environmental protection.
A. consistently B. opinion polls C. for D. environmental
In this part, there are ten texts and 40 multiple choice questions.
You are going to read some reading passages, each with 2-5 questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text. I Are you setting up a small business? Worried about the costs of renting office space and employing the right people? Rebus Virtual Office World can help you. With our Basic Office Deal, we can set up a virtual office for you practically overnight. We will give your business a professional image and our polite, friendly staff will handle your calls and present your business in the best possible way. We can provide you with: a professional business address, a local phone number and we will also handle mail. For a more personal approach, with the option of forwarding mail and messages to your home address, don’t hesitate to ask us about our Premier Office Deals.

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1. Where is the text from?
A. A message from a business to a current client
B. An advertisement for a new business service
C. An email from one business worker to another
D. A newspaper article about a new business’s success
2. What does the service provide?
A. Off-site staff to perform general office duties
B. A site where several businesses can locate their offices
C. Advice on how to make your business more professional
D. Temporary staff for local businesses
3. Which of the following is not included in the Basic Office deal? A.
A polite receptionist
B. A mail-forwarding service
C.A professional address
D. A telephone-answering service
II. Dear Helen,
I would like to congratulate you on organising such an excellent and informative workshop. I know a lot of people learnt a great deal from it. Can you pass on my thanks to Doctor Friedman for his fascinating talk on Staff Motivation? I realise how lucky we were that he was able to find the time for us. The feedback from the staff was very positive. Let’s hope we actually see an improvement in staff motivation as a result! By the way, I’m missing my list of addresses of the delegates who attended. Did I happen to leave it in your office? It’s just that I haven’t seen it since our meeting on Friday. Thanks again for a great day,


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