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Are you looking for an interesting stay in Dalat City? Well you"re in luck! Dalat chú ý Hostel is right below a valley in Dalat đô thị Center - an ideal place whether you are traveling alone, with family or friends. Our Hostel is a popular choice for travelers because of its" peace & quiet. You will be greeted by our wonderful family upon arrival. Here, you will be able to experience the Vietnamese life from inside. We provide amenities such as sunny outdoor balconies, great common areas, không lấy phí sheets and blankets, 24-hour reception & security.The friendly staff will assist guests in their every need at Dalat cảnh báo Hostel with a service-oriented approach that few hostels in the area can match.Moreover, adventure tours and city sightseeing tours are varied for you lớn choose: canyoning tour (an absolute must) or a motorbike tour during the day in Dalat.Not only that, whenever you want lớn try Vietnamese food, we provide family dinners in the evenings for only 60,000VMD. You are welcome lớn make yourself at home and utilize the kitchen at your need. We also không lấy phí family dinner at the weekend. The staff would be more than happy to lớn show you a recipe or two. We"d be happy to help! Outdoor barbecue can be a great choice too on a cool afternoon/evening khổng lồ enjoy the atmosphere with local wine, local beer or cocktails.. We are friendly, welcoming and laid back. We"ve got beer pong, music cocktail and beer in the comfort of what feels lượt thích your own home! So come join us! View House Rules

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Photos of Dalat cảnh báo Hostel
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Photos of Dalat cảnh báo Hostel
Photos of Dalat cảnh báo Hostel

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