Da Nang is not always included on travelers’ itineraries when they plan a trip to Vietnam, but this is such a shame as there is a huge amount to see và do here. This is the third largest thành phố in Vietnam & offers visitors who make the trip here the perfect mix of modern và traditional touches. When you visit da Nang you can enjoy one of the most innovative skylines in Vietnam as well as a serene riverside promenade và some gorges sandy beaches khổng lồ boot.

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One of the big draws of domain authority Nang is that it is located on the coast and is close khổng lồ a long strip of coastal sand which means that you can enjoy the city while also getting out into the countryside. Water sports are popular here or you can also spend time hiking up mountains or visiting vibrant amusement parks và museums. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also find historic attractions here lượt thích temples and crumbling ruins.

Here are the best things to bởi vì in da Nang

1. Visit the ba Na Hills


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Ba mãng cầu Hills

The tía Na Hills are one of the premium attractions in domain authority Nang và people flock here from all over the region for the cooler climes that the elevation offers.

At the summit of the ba Na Hills you will find spectacular vistas that stretch as far as the sea and you can take a cable car to the vị trí cao nhất if you are feeling lazy.

There is also the bố Na Hill Fantasy Park which has a range of entertainment zones as well as a wax museum that has models of famous celebrities.

Recommended tour: Full-Day bố Na Hills and Linh Ung Pagoda Tour from da Nang

2. Have a coffee at Cong Caphe


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Cong Caphe, da Nang

If you travel to Hanoi you will find a huge number of Communist-themed coffee shops and Cong Caphe is domain authority Nang’s answer to lớn this trend.

It is also one of the best places to lớn get a cup of coffee in the city and is located next to the river which affords you pretty views over the water.

If you are looking for one of their signature drinks then try the coffee which is mixed with yoghurt.

3. Sunbathe on My Khe Beach


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My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Vietnam & it stretches for some 20 miles along the eastern coastline of da Nang.

There are a huge range of activities to enjoy such as water sports và you can go jet skiing or even surfing.

If you want khổng lồ relax then you can sunbathe on the golden sand or go snorkeling, & you will also find a wealth of delicious seafood restaurants lining the beach.

4. Climb the Marble Mountains


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Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains is actually the name for five separate hills made of limestone that are also mixed with smooth marble.

The mountains sit some 9 kilometers outside of da Nang & are known for their Buddhist pagodas and shrines which are dedicated to various local gods.

You can walk up the hills using a long mix of steps cut into the mountainside and from here you will be able khổng lồ take in all the best views over the countryside.

Suggested tour: From da Nang: Marble Mountain & Son Tra Peninsula

5. Watch the show at dragon Bridge


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Dragon Bridge

The main attraction in the center of domain authority Nang is undoubtedly the large long Bridge which stretches over an ominous 666 meters & has the claim lớn fame of being the longest bridge of its kind in the country.

As the name suggests, the bridge was built in the shape of a rồng which is meant khổng lồ represent good luck in Vietnam.

Every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm you can walk down khổng lồ the waterfront và watch a show which lights up the bridge và the long even spits out fire & water from its mouth.

6. Visit the Cham Museum


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Cham Museum, domain authority Nang

Many visitors don’t realize that domain authority Nang has a huge number of interesting museums và the Cham Museum will tell you everything that you want to lớn know about the Cham people in Vietnam.

This museum also has the claim to fame of being the only Cham museum in the world & it first opened its doors in 1915 at the time of the French colonial period.

On a visit here you will find a number of amazing exhibits including terracotta và stone pieces that date from the 7th khổng lồ the 15th centuries.

7. Enjoy the views at the hai Van Pass


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Hai Van Pass

The nhị Van Pass is one of the đứng đầu attractions in this part of Vietnam và rests at around 500 meters above sea level.

This makes it the highest pass of its kind in Vietnam and if you want to lớn get panoramic views of da Nang then this is the place to lớn come.

There are a number of historical markers along the way as you navigate the pass including a fort that would have been built during the French colonial period which was also used as a bunker during the Vietnam War by American và South Vietnamese troops.

Suggested tour: Full-Day nhì Van Pass và Lang co Beach from domain authority Nang

8. Travel khổng lồ Son Tra Mountain


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Son Tra Mountain

Son Tra Mountain translates as Monkey Mountain in English & this is part of a spectacular national park in domain authority Nang that is located at around 700 meters above sea level.

This area is also called the Son Tra Peninsula và you will find winding roads here which lend themselves khổng lồ hiking as well as cycling.

The mountain is so named as it is the home of a rare species of monkey called the red face monkey.

Available tour: Son Tra Peninsula by Motorbike

9. Play a trò chơi of golf


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Many people probably don’t realize that da Nang has been making a name for itself in recent years as a result of its idyllic golf courses.

There are four main courses in the city & one of these is the da Nang Golf Club which first opened in 2010 & has been voted one of the 15 best new golf courses in the world.

As such you can fit in a game of golf when you are in the city & enjoy lush rolling greens which extend onto trắng sandy beaches.

10. Check out the Linh Ung Pagoda


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Linh Ung Pagoda

The Linh Ung Pagoda is located at Son Tra Mountain & is one of the most famous attractions here.

The pagoda is known for having the tallest statues of the Goddess of Mercy in the region which was built on top of a platform in the shape of a blooming lotus.

You will also find some 21 statues of the Buddha here which are in turn located inside a larger 67 meter tall Buddha figure.

Suggested tour: Marble Mountains và Linh Ung Pagoda Half-Day Tour

11. Relax at Non Nuoc Beach


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Non Nuoc Beach

If you want khổng lồ get outside the đô thị then head lớn Non Nuoc Beach which is around a đôi mươi minute drive away from the center of domain authority Nang.

The beach is regularly voted one of the most beautiful in the world & you will find white powdery sand here that backs on lớn azure waters.

Some of the main attractions here include surfing or jet skiing & you can also spend time dining at the many seafood restaurants here.

The beach sprawls for 5 kilometers along the coast & leads you all the way lớn the base of the Marble Mountains.

12. Admire the Phap Lam Pagoda


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Phap Lam Pagoda

The Phap Lam Pagoda is located inside a building that unfolds over two floors và is phối amidst lush gardens that are dotted with sculptures of the Buddha.

The pagoda is known for its relaxing & serene setting và you will find a central courtyard with a statue of the Buddha that is 1.1 meters high.

Here are also additional statues of the Goddess of Mercury as well as dẻo The bỏ ra Bodhisattva.

Also of chú ý are the food carts & restaurants around the pagoda which sell delicious vegetarian food.

13. Visit the domain authority Nang Cathedral


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Da Nang Cathedral

The domain authority Nang Cathedral is one of the most famous catholic churches in Vietnam thanks khổng lồ its amazing kiến thiết features.

The cathedral has a signature pink edifice as well as colorful stained-glass windows & a large bell tower which has an iconic weathervane at the vị trí cao nhất in the shape of a rooster.

The cathedral dates from 1923 and it also goes by its local nickname which is bé Ga or Rooster Church.

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14. Take a trip khổng lồ the Cham Islands


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Cu Lao Cham Island

If you are looking khổng lồ get out of the center of da Nang then consider a trip to lớn the beautiful neighboring Cham Islands.

Here you will find some pretty coral reefs and a plethora of colorful fish và you can swim and snorkel here to lớn take in the underwater delights firsthand.

The Cham Islands are located around an hour away from da Nang by boat so you can easily visit for the day or there is also the choice lớn camp here overnight.

Available tour: Cham Island: Snorkeling Tour

15. Go shopping at nhỏ Market


Source: Dragfyre / Wikimedia

Con Market

Con Market may not be a promising name for a shopping area but you will find some 2,000 shops here which sell everything you could ever need in da Nang.

These include clothes and footwear as well as local handicrafts, so this is a great place lớn pick up some gifts or souvenirs.

This shopping area has been here since the 1940s and it was renovated in 1984 lớn its present form.

Many people come here to siêu thị and also sample the street food from the various carts & cafes in the area.

Available tour: domain authority Nang – Shopping Tour

16. Stroll along the sand at Pham Van Dong Beach


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Pham Van Dong Beach

Another one of domain authority Nang’s famous beaches is Pham Van Dong Beach.

This beach has been the location for a number of film shoots which tells you everything you need lớn know about how beautiful it is.

The sand here is known for being incredibly soft and one of the best things to do here is go for a barefoot walk along the pristine shore line.

You will also find resorts & restaurants in the area & you can swim in the gentle waters.

17. Learn some history at the Fifth Military Division Museum


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Museum of the 5th military zone

The Fifth Military Division Museum in domain authority Nang is dedicated to explaining some of the brutal history of Vietnam that occurred during the Vietnam War.

The museum has a number of antiques from the war as well as other memorabilia such as letters & photographs that were taken by the Fifth Division soldiers.

The museum is huge and is laid out in four main sections where you can see signature pieces such as a Cessna O-1 Bird & an A-37 Dragonfly.

18. Travel to lớn My Son Sanctuary


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My Son Sanctuary

My Son is a UNESCO World Heritage Site & is made up of a collection of ruins which would have formed the base of the fearsome Champa Kingdom.

The architecture here spans eight centuries and you will see ornate carvings as well as impressive stone pillars and buildings.

Many people come here as part of a guided tour where you can learn all about the history of this amazing monument.

Recommended tour: From domain authority Nang: My Son Sanctuary Tour

19. Visit the Ho đưa ra Minh Museum

The Ho đưa ra Minh Museum is set amidst lush ground in da Nang và offers you an insight into the leader of Vietnam.

Some of the galleries are made up of collections of Soviet and Chinese weapons which will fill you in on some of the military history of Vietnam.

Note however that there are several buildings và you will also find a model of Ho chi Minh’s house in Hanoi here as well as the adjoining museum exhibition areas.

20. Kiểm tra out the Han River Bridge


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Han River Bridge

The Han River Bridge is one of four main bridges in domain authority Nang & is also a top attraction for visitors lớn the city.

This is a cable supported swing bridge và was the first of its kind in the region.

Visitors flock here at night as the bridge is fully illuminated by colorful changing lights & if you stop here around midnight you can watch an amazing spectacle as the bridge swings on its axis and mở cửa up khổng lồ allow ships khổng lồ pass by.

If you want to kiểm tra out the bridge from a different vantage point then you can take a river cruise along the river.

21. Visit Asia Park


Source: Tang Trung Kien / shutterstock

Sun Wheel, Asia Park

If you fancy getting out of da Nang then you can travel khổng lồ Asia Park which is located on the coast và is a large amusement và cultural facility.

The park is made up of three zones including an Amusement Park, a Cultural Park và a Central Zone.

One of the main attractions here is the large Sun Wheel which soars to lớn a height of 115 meters and is a large clock tower that tells you the time zones across a range of countries.

You can also enjoy rides, shows & other adventure activities here.

22. Go surfing


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China Beach, domain authority Nang

If you want to ride the waves on a surf board in Vietnam then domain authority Nang is the place to bởi vì it.

The surf off the coast of domain authority Nang is perfect for both beginner and advanced surfers.

In theory you can surf all year round here, although the main surf season is from November to lớn March.

Some of the best spots khổng lồ rent a surfboard are đài loan trung quốc Beach và My Khe Beach.

You will even find surf schools here if you are new lớn the sport.

23. Have a drink at Waterfront


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Waterfront, domain authority Nang

Anyone looking for the best river views in domain authority Nang needs to lớn head to lớn Waterfront which is a riverfront lounge và restaurant.

Here you will be able to have a cool drink as you take in the sunset in domain authority Nang and you can also enjoy a comprehensive restaurant thực đơn which includes both local and international plates.

This is also a good spot for anyone who is looking for vegetarian bites in domain authority Nang.

24. Visit the Cao dẻo Temple


Source: Dada1960 / Wikimedia

Cao dai Temple, domain authority Nang

The Cao dẻo Temple in domain authority Nang is the largest of its kind in Vietnam and is said khổng lồ have some 50,000 worshippers.

Here you will find a sign that says that ‘All Religions Have the Same Reason’ and you will find references to important figures from the main five world religions.

These include statues of Jesus, Mohammed, Laotse, Buddha and Confucius và there is also a huge altar which is fitted with a large globe known as the Divine Eye.

25. Tiệc nhỏ at Sky 36


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Sky 36, da Nang

Da Nang is not particularly well known for its nightlife but f you want to party the night away then you may want to consider a trip khổng lồ Sky 36. This is a new rooftop bar which has gorgeous panoramic view over the pretty domain authority Nang River & the illuminated bridges for which the đô thị is so famous.

There is a smart-casual dress code here and you can sample some delicious cocktails as well as try some toothsome bar snacks.

Certainly if you are looking for a watering hole with the best views of the city, then this is it.