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This one of a kind tour will bring you close to lớn the thành phố of Bangkok, where you get khổng lồ explore all the major attractions of the city and the temples that are famous all around the world in a single day. If you want to lớn not miss a single attraction in bangkok that is very famous and a must visit or want to relax on your vacation or you want lớn explore other activities, this experience will bring you best of both the worlds as you embark on this adventurous và thrilling exploration, sightseeing tour.This tour gives you the opportunity lớn witness the3 most distinguished and beautiful temples in Bangkok, i.e. Wat Trimit, the temple of the Golden Buddha - the statue of Buddha is made from solid gold weighting 5.5 tons; Wat Pho, the temple of the Reclining Buddha - the largest and oldest in bangkok and Wat Benchamabopit - the marble temple.
About theBangkok đô thị Tour:
- Meet your English-speaking guide in your hotel"s lobby.- Depart from your hotel to Rattanakosin Island, the original area of thủ đô bangkok thái lan when it was first established as the capital over 200 years ago.- Visit Wat Trimit, known for its famous Golden Buddha. The beautiful image of solid gold is 3 meters high and weighs 5 & a half tons.- Continue the tour by passing through beautiful đô thị scenery of the colorful flower market và Chinatown. The bustling business area of Chinatown is especially known for its gold jewelry shops. The atmosphere is totally changed at night - hordes of food stalls line the streets.- Visit Wat Pho or Temple of the Reclining Buddha, founded in the 16th century, the oldest và biggest temple with the largest number of pagodas (95 in all) in the city. Wat Pho was the first mở cửa university of đất nước thái lan which offered courses in several branches lượt thích literature, astrology, medicine, and massage. It"s well known for its huge Reclining Buddha, 46 m. Long and 15 m. High.- Visit Wat Benchamabopit or Marble Temple, one of the most modern works of bầu religious architecture. Graceful & tranquil, it is famous for its main chapel built in trắng Carara Italian marble khổng lồ house a replica of Thailand"s most beautiful Buddha image, Phra Phutthachinarat.- City-sightseeing tour along Ratchadumnoen Rd. (The Royal"s Way). En route, you can see many magnificent temples và architectural buildings, including the city Pillar Shrine, National Museum, Democracy Monument, Golden Mountain, thai Boxing Stadium, Anantasamakhom Palace, Parliament House, Dusit Zoo and Chitlada Palace King"s Residence.- Arrive at your hotel.