Vị trí các bước này hiện tại tại đã hết hạn nộp hồ nước sơ, chúng ta có thể tìm hiểu thêm một số các bước tương tự trên đây:

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• Ensure cleanliness và maintenance of the lobby & associated area• Report any damage và maintenance required khổng lồ Engineering as soon as possible• lớn respect all resort property và to minimize wastage và breakage of all equipment & supplies• Practice energy conservation and proper maintenance and repair of resort property and equipment• Protecting the assets of Amanoi is the responsibility of every employee• Ensure that the area is scheduled with correct staffing levels in accordance with expected business demands• Ensure all Guest Assistant"s work is accurate & responses khổng lồ guest inquiries are dealt with promptly• Liaise with Bell Captain khổng lồ meet guest requirements regarding luggage, excursions và airport transfers• khổng lồ ensure that the Bell Captain duties are covered during his absence & to assist where possible with the smooth running of the area• to liaise with all Guest Assistant that equipment are all working and to kiểm tra all the charges in all guest folio• Ensure that all the welcome card, departure letters are delivered correctly in each pavilion or villa• Ensure all Guest Assistant are upselling all items for sale at the boutique• to lớn maintain the cleanliness of the library, to check all the books & magazines daily• Ensure guest folio và guest history records are accurate & complete• Always be available to handle guest request và assume the role of a host in either the FOM or GM"s absence• Ensure Guest Assistant promote và cross-sell Amanresorts properties especially Indo-china region• Liaise with Housekeeping with respect lớn the guest arrival, departure, special requests etc.• Attend to guest complaints and resolve the situation as soon as possible• to lớn help FOM make daily và monthly report• to ensure that Front Office Staff are kept occupied & do not stand in groups và public areas• to conduct & oversee the escorting of all guests, upon arrival lớn their respective pavilion• khổng lồ ensure that all guest complete a registration size upon arrival in their respective pavilion• to ensure all guests accounts are settled on check out from the resorts• khổng lồ meet on a daily basis with the FOM, khổng lồ maintain full awareness of the operation within the department & the resort• Notify Department Head of hazards, injuries, equipment or assistance needs• lớn be conversant with resort fire và safety procedures• Other duties as directed by the Department Head

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• Able lớn be organized, manage time wisely, lead và motivate the team• Able to handle a multitude of tasks in an intense, fast-paced environment• Positive, engaging, và energetic personality• Good telephone manner & IT Skills• Excellent communication skills, both written và verbal• Very high attention to lớn detail,• Professional appearance• Associate degree or higher (ideally in hospitality)• 02 years of previous experience as a Assistant FOM within the hotel, leisure, or hospitality industry• Strong English communication skills: knowledge of additional languages is a plus• Sensitive lớn cultural nuances• Good people skills and the ability khổng lồ work under pressure và with various stakeholders
Incentive bonusFull board, laundry serviceDaily shuttle bus (for those who stay in Phan Rang)JLT Health care package after 6 months of serviceCompetitive salary + Service charge (minimum 3mil/month)Accommodation (for staff out of Ninh Thuan)13th Month salary